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Municipal Services

County of Newell Water Project

Eastern Irrigation District/County of Newell Partnership on Drainage
The Eastern Irrigation District (EID) and County of Newell continue with the Partnership on Drainage Project. This year drainage improvements are taking place west of Rainier. This project includes 66 kilometers of major (main drainage courses leading to receiving basins) and minor (roadside ditches) drainage system improvements. This project, being nearly double in size from previous projects, is anticipated to take 2 possibly 3 years to complete. The EID surveyed and designed the project over the 2013/14 seasons. Crews started work in May, commencing with improvements on R16-4 and are planned to work from west to east, all the way over to R15-5, and north and south as identified in design.

Gravel Road (Gravelling) Program
The road gravelling program kicked off mid-May and to date has completed gravelling in Division 1, with crews moving into Division 2. Annually the County re-gravels approximately 25% or 375 kilometers of gravel road surfaces. This includes the resurfacing of Arterial (>100 vehicles per day), Collector (>50 vehicles per day) and Local Roads (<50 vehicles per day serving a local function) where there are approximately 320 Km of Arterial, 280 Km of Collector, and 900 KM of Local Roads in total. This program adheres to current policy and is designed to ensure the County manages its aggregate resources effectively ensuring road surfaces are maintained by resurfacing with gravel regularly. The quantity, 375 Km, of resurfacing is strategic in service level delivery and service capacity of the department ensuring the program can be completed within the summer season, and facilitating the stockpiling of resources, where necessary, for the upcoming season.

Scandia Road Paving Project
The east access to Scandia (T15-4), Railway Avenue, and 3rd Avenue received pavement overlays while the remaining Hamlet roads were recently upgraded from gravel surface to paved standards. Line painting and pavement marking are expected to be complete very soon. Please note that T15-4 will be re-configured with signage as safety concerns are being addressed.

Road Shoulder Pull Program
The County has for the past three years enlisted contract assistance for shoulder pulls on various roads. This year the contract assistance completed, as of 40 Km of shoulder pull. Roads receiving improvements included, but not limited to, R17-2 and R17-3 from Hwy 1 to Lathom Colony, T20-0 from One Tree Road west to R15-0, and portions of T17-2 and R14-0A. This program is to recover and restore the road to proper width and height, improving the driving surface for motorists.

Culvert Installation/Replacement Program
Annually the County enlists contracted services for the installation new and/or replacement of culverts throughout the region. On average 40 culverts are installed/replaced per year as necessary. At times you may find a road under Temporary Road Closure to facilitate the installation/replacement. Please be patient as work is typically completed the same day.