Clubroot Infected Canola PlantThe Agricultural Pests Act provides authority for the Minister to declare as a pest or nuisance any animal, bird, insect, plant or disease is destroying or harming or is likely to destroy or harm any land, livestock or property in all or part of Alberta. The legislation enables inspectors and local authorities to deal with native and introduced pests and nuisances which affect agricultural production.

Under this legislation the County operates many programs for the effective and efficient control of pests. They range in scope form gophers to coyotes to crop diseases, but all are a necessity to allow the agriculture industry to thrive within our borders.
Pest surveys are an integral part of the process and are done on an annual basis with the cooperation of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (the department responsible for this Act). Each year the County monitors for grasshoppers, coyotes, Bacterial Ring Rot, Clubroot and Fusarium graminearum.

The County also rents specialized equipment to aid producers in implementing integrated pest management plans. For a full listing of the County rental equipment please refer to Rental Equipment page.

Agricultural Pests Act