Notice that an application has been submitted for a Discretionary Use Development Permit are mailed and/or emailed to adjacent landowners, referral agencies, adjacent municipalities (where applicable), and other County departments.

Under the MGA, notifications must occur at least 7 days prior to the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) meeting where the application will be reviewed. Typically 5 days are allowed for the notice to reach the person(s) being notified, 2 days for them to read the notice and 5 days to provide a response. Anyone objection to the development must provide the objection in writing to the Planning and Development department prior to the MPC meeting where the application will be reviewed. In addition, those objecting to the application may attend the MPC meeting to speak to the application and voice their concerns.

The following discretionary use permit applications have been submitted for approval by the Municipal Planning Commission:

Published MPC Meeting Date Permit # Description Division District