The County of Newell governs a large rural area in South Eastern Alberta which includes the governance of  8 hamlets  within its boundaries. To view the location of all the municipalities, please view the Road Map above.

County of Newell
Box 130, Brooks, AB, T1R 1B2
t: 403.362.3266
f: 403.362.8681



Hamlets in the County of Newell

Gem, Alberta
Population: n/a

Hamlet of Gem

The Hamlet of Gem, Alberta is located in the north end of the county. Though there are a few homes in Gem, no population figures are available.

Patricia, Alberta
Population: 114

Hamlet of Patricia

The Hamlet of Patricia, Alberta is located in the eastern area of the county, and is the closest community to Dinosaur Provincial Park. Patricia has a population of 88 persons according to Statistics Canada 2001 Census.

Lake Newell Resort
Population: N/A

Established in October 2007, the Hamlet of Lake Newell Resort is the newest Hamlet in the County of Newell. Located on the north shores of Lake Newell, the community is fast becoming a popular location for those interested in a recreational lifestyle.

Rainier, Alberta
Population: 23

Hamlet of Rainier

The Hamlet of Rainier, Alberta is located on the western edge of County of Newell. Rainier has a population of 23 residents. Rainier is also the location of Alcoma School.

Rolling Hills, Alberta
Population: 136

Hamlet of Rolling Hills

Rolling Hills is the largest Hamlet in the County and is located in the southern region of the county in Division 1. Rolling Hills has beautiful parks, a hockey arena, curling rink, local store, post office, and a 9 hole golf course.. The population of Rolling Hills is 176 persons.

Scandia, Alberta
Population: 137

Hamlet of Scandia

Scandia, Alberta is a beautiful little hamlet located in the south western edge of the county. Scandia is home to the Eastern Irrigation Historical Park. The population of Scandia is 119 persons.

Bow City, Alberta
Population: N/A

Bow City located on the edge of the Bow River on the western edge of the County of Newell consists of a few residents and a great campground. Like, Gem, population figures are not available for the hamlet of Bow City.

Tilley, Alberta
Population: 352

Tilley is located approximately 22km southeast of the City of Brooks and 78km northwest of the City of Medicine Hat.  


Other Municipalities within the County of Newell boundary.

City of Brooks

201 - 1st Avenue West
P.O. Box 879, Brooks, AB, T1R 0Z6
t: 403.362-3333
f: 403.362.4787


Town of Bassano

502 - 2nd Avenue
Box 299, Bassano, AB, T0J 0B0
t: 403.641.3788
f: 403.641.2585


Village of Duchess

Box 158, Duchess, AB, T0J 0Z0
t: 403.378.4452
f: 403.378.3860



Village of Rosemary

Box 128, Rosemary, AB, T0J 2W0
t 403.378.4246 f: 403.378.6144