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As the weather gets warmer and the ground begins to thaw, motorists may notice soft spots on County roads. These imperfections are known as frost boils, which are caused by the melting and release of subsurface water.

Frost boils are a common problem on both gravel and paved roads throughout urban and rural settings. They usually begin to appear towards the end of March and stick around until the ground is completely thawed (towards the end of May).

Fun Fact! The County uses budgeted funds annually to improve roadside drainage to prevent future frost boils. When a frost boil appears, we take measures to notify motorists but flagging the location. Major spots are monitored, graded regularly, and more gravel is applied for additional stability.

If you do come across a frost boil, we ask that you report the location to Municipal Services through Newell Connect or by contacting the office at 403-794-2311.

Frost Boil - 2017.jpg

The Finnegan Ferry has officially has been launched and is open for the season.


In case you missed the Negotiating Renewable Energy Leasing workshop, the Farmers' Advocate office has provided the following guide to assist landowners:

Negotiating Renewable Energy Leases

For more information from the Farmers' Advocate office visit$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/ofa2621


Spring is in the air which means the bees are buzzing and leaving the comfort of their hives to begin pollinating and gathering nectar. 

Did you know bees are attracted to scents and colours?  To avoid attracting these little honey makers, don’t use fragrances (hair spray, scented soaps, lotions, etc.) or wear bright colours (especially floral patterns) when out and about.  Bee (LOL, get it) very careful with food and drinks, bees are notorious for climbing into pop cans.

If a bee does land on you, don’t panic.  Try and hold still until the bee moves on.  If it doesn’t try blowing on it gently, this will encourage it to find a new location.

Yes, bees can be bothersome, but they do play important roles in our agricultural and economic communities. Due to the nature of our rural landscape, bees are not restricted under the County’s Animal Control Bylaw. However, the province does have legislation (The Bee Act) in place for the apiculture/beekeeping industry.



Public Notice is hereby given that the Agricultural Service Board of the County of Newell intends to conduct pesticide control and mowing activities during the spring and summer of 2017.

The County’s Roadside Vegetation Control Program is aimed at meeting five objectives:

  1. Allow clear sight lines to signs and intersections;
  2. Reduce snow accumulation;
  3. Promote road drainage and drying;
  4. Facilitate snow removal;
  5. Control weeds (Prevent spread)

The program outlined below deals with vegetation control through the application of recommended vegetation control chemicals. The County also uses protective cultural practices to control weeds, where practical, which also includes mowing.

The 2017 Program deals with controlling weeds on County rights-of-way, County-owned land as well as work within the Town of Bassano, and the City of Brooks. The projected dates of pesticide application will be May 15th to October 15th. The herbicides to be used include:

  • 2, 4D Ester LV700
  • 2, 4D Amine 600
  • Oracle, RT 540
  • Lontrel 36
  • Garlon XRT
  • Turboprop or Estaprop
  • Milestone
  • Clearview
  • Sightline
  • Esplanade
  • Overdrive
  • Par III.

This year, spray efforts will be focussed South of Highway #1, but spot spraying on an “as needed basis” will be done North of the #1 Highway. In addition, spraying may be completed for noxious and prohibited noxious weeds along the Bow River.

Any residents who DO NOT wish to have areas sprayed adjacent to their land must fill out a NO-SPRAY Application Form BY MAY 15th and post signs. These are available at the County of Newell office.

All pesticides and procedures used, comply with Federally approved label recommendations and regulations set out by Alberta Agriculture, Food & Rural Development, and Alberta Environmental Protection.

The 2017 Roadside Mowing Program will begin June 12th and will include all developed County rights-of-ways. Anyone wishing to hay a portion of the right-of-way must fill out a Haying Permit by June 1, 2017.

If you have any questions or concerns about the County’s Vegetation Control Program, please contact the Director of Agricultural Services at 403-794-2336.

County of Newell, Agricultural Service Board.


Official Press Releases by the County of Newell