2017 Municipal Election

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The next Municipal Election for the County of Newell will be held on Monday, October 16, 2017.

Nomination day is Monday, September 18, 2017.

Nominations Must be received between 10am-12PM noon
Click here to view the Notice of Nomination Day


The All Candidates Political Forum will be held on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at the Heritage Inn & Convention Centre.



Division 1
Amulung, Clarence
Division 2 Kallen, Hubert (Huby)
Division 3
Philipsen, Anne Marie
Division 4
Hammergren, Wayne
Hoekstra, Inge
83 votes - Elected
30 votes
Division 5
Fyfe, Tracy
Division 6
Christman, Kelly
Division 7
Penner, Edward
Unruh, Ellen
49 votes
97 votes - Elected
Division 8
de Jong, Brian
Neigum, Terry
58 votes - Elected
45 votes
Division 9
Douglass, Molly
Division 10
Juss, Lionel



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Important Notice for Candidates

Persons that intend to run as a candidate in the County of Newell 2017 Municipal Election and plan to accept campaign contributions must complete and file Form 3A – Application for Registration of Notice of Intent to Become a Candidate for Municipal Office with the Returning Officer.   Candidates who complete Form 3A will be asked to provide written consent (Form CN02) for the release of their name and intent to submit nomination papers.

According to the Local Authorities Election Act, a campaign contribution is defined as follows

147.1(1)(a) "Campaign contribution” means any money, personal property, real property or service that is provided to or for the benefit of a candidate or the candidate’s election campaign without fair market value compensation from that candidate but does not include services provided by a volunteer who voluntarily performs the services and receives no compensation, directly or indirectly, in relation to the services or time spent providing the services.

Candidates that entirely self-fund their campaign to a maximum of $10,000 are not required to:

  • register a notice of intent to run with the municipality;
  • open and deposit funds into a campaign account, or
  • file a campaign disclosure statement with the municipality.

Even though Form 3A is not required from candidates who self-fund their campaigns, candidates are still encouraged to complete the form and check the box stating that their campaign is entirely self-funded.  If a candidate chooses to accept campaign contributions later, they simply need to report the changes in writing to the Returning Officer at the County of Newell within 48 hours of the changes taking effect.

Self-funded candidates that choose not to complete Form 3A are asked to submit the Self-Funded Campaign – Statement (Form CN01) by March 1, 2018 to confirm that their campaign was entirely self-funded and they are therefore not required to file a Campaign Disclosure Statement and Financial Statement.

A list of individuals that have authorized the disclosure of their intent to become a candidate for municipal office for the October 16, 2017 County of Newell election may be viewed here.


Susan Yokoyama
Returning Officer
183037 RR145