EID/County Partnership on Drainage

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The fall of 2010 was an exciting time where a three (3) year agreement between the Eastern Irrigation District (EID) and County was signed. This agreement was a collaborative approach for both organizations, which basically serve the same ratepayers, to invest and improve the drainage networks throughout the region. Since 2010, this partnership has continued and continues to improve drainage where flooding is problematic. Drainage networks are assessed and rated to establish priority for rehabilitation based on policy.

Two (2) components of the drainage improvements are Major Drainage Courses, consisting of receiving basins and major drains, and Minor Drainage Courses, consisting of roadside ditches. To accomplish our objectives, both organizations have agreed to contribute $1 Million dollars for improvements, annually. All engineering and construction are administered by the EID. The County administers land acquisition and working space, as well as working with third-party utilities in relocations.

To date, the Partnership has provided improvements in:
  • Cassils (2012 - 15 km's)
  • Rolling Hills (2012 - 36.8 km's)
  • Scandia (2013 & 2014 - 33 km's)
  • Rainier
  • Millicent

For 2016, the project location is Rainer and includes 66 km's of drainage improvements. The project is expected to take upwards of two seasons.

In progress are improvements in the Scandia area.

Eastern Irrigation District and County of Newell Drainage Rehabilitation Plan
Drainage County/EID Joint Projects Policy