Road Reports, Bans, & Temporary Closures

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County of Newell Temporary Road Closures:

The following roads are closed until further notice due to Spring Flooding




2018-03-28 3:44 pm RR163 from HWY539 to TR184
2018-04-11 1:08 pm RR184 from TR210 to TR204
2018-04-11 1:08 pm TR212 from RR184 to RR185 (update 2018-04-20 - This road is now open)
2018-04-12 10:10 am TR212 from RR183 to RR184 (update 2018-04-18 - This road is now open)
2018-04-14 7:32 pm TR210 between RR141 and142 (update 2018-04-14 - This road is now open)
2018-04-15 10:05 am RR154 between TR191 and TR192  (update 2018-04-18- This road is now open)
2018-04-15 11:46 am RR133 between HWY544 and TR200 (update 2018-04-18 - This road is now open)
2018-04-15 3:10 pm RR160 from HWY550 North to TR214  (update 2018-04-17-This road is now open)
2018-04-15 3:10 pm TR214 from RR155 West to RR160 (update 2018-04-18 - This road is now open)
2018-04-16 11:04 am RR131 North of HWY876. From Dead End South for 230m
2018-04-16 11:43 am RR142 from TR212 West to TR210 (update 2018-04-20 - This road is now open)
2018-04-16 12:58 pm TR214 from RR162 to RR163 (update 2018-04-20 - This road is now open)
2018-04-16 2:54 pm RR171, TR192 and TR190  in between the intersections of RR173 and TR192 and RR171 and TR184 
2018-04-16 4:35 pm RR162 from HWY873 to TR162, local traffic only (update 2018-04-19 - This road now open)
2018-04-17  7:42 am TR204 from RR184 and RR190
2018-04-17  7:42 am RR190 from TR204 to TR205A
2018-04-17  1:42 pm RR193 from HWY1 North to TR230
2018-04-17 3:24 pm TR230 from RR185 to Wheatland County Border
2018-04-17  8:57 pm TR21-0 from RR16-0 to RR16-1
2018-04-19  1:23 pm RR145 from HWY544 to TR200  (update 2018-04-19 - This Road is now open)
2018-04-19  3:53 pm TR252 from RR170 to RR163
2018-04-19  3:53 pm RR163 from TR252 to TR250
2018-04-19  3:53 pm TR250 from RR163 to RR162
2018-04-20 10:33 am RR183 North of TR214 to the dead end

Please report any rough roads, water over the roads, and road infrastructure damage through Newell Connect or to Municipal Services at 403-794-2311 or
Questions or concerns may be directed to the Municipal Services Office at (403) 794-2311 during regular business hours 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Mon-Fri, excepting Statutory Holidays and other office closures. You can also log your concern through our Newell Connect App or by clicking here.
For after hour emergencies, please contact our office at 403-794-2311 and you will be directed to our Call On Supervisor.



Provinical Temporary Road Closures:

For Provincial Temporary Provincial Road Closures please check out Alberta Transportation's website at


County of Newell Road Bans

There are currently no bans on any roads maintained by the County.

Provincial Road Reports & Bans

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