Utility Fees

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The following link explains the details for the Water and Sewer Bylaw in place. A breakdown of other applicable utility charges in the County of Newell is illustrated below.

Bylaw 1756-12 (Water & Sewer)

Utility Fees

Excerpt from the Current Schedule of fees bylaw 1870-16 related to fees charged for utilities.

D. Utilities

The charges below apply to water and wastewater systems and cover costs associated with the provision of the service and basic maintenance and repairs of the communal infrastructure. Upgrades or replacement of the system or substantial portions thereof will be funded collectively by the system users through a local improvement levy.

Repairs required on that portion of service lines located between serviced structures and the curb stop or lot line are the responsibility of the property owner.

1) Billing Process

All utility bills will be sent to the property owners. If remote reading devices have not been installed, owners shall ensure meters are read and readings reported to the County or agent of the County.

2) Connection / Installation Charges

Hamlet water and sewer systems - Landowners will be required to arrange for and cover full costs incurred in connection to Hamlet water and sewer systems, plus pay a $100 approval/service inspection fee.

County of Newell Water Project rural water distribution system — Landowners who are approved for connection to the CNWP will be charged $7000.00 per water unit (300 imperial gallons per day) plus $700.00 for water licensing costs.

Owners who apply for service after an established deadline and have been approved for connection to the system will be charged $7,700.00 per water unit plus the full cost required to extend the service from the nearest approved point of connection to the system.

3) Utility System Accounts

Adjustments to utility accounts for errors in invoices will be applied retroactively to a maximum one (1) year period which precedes the date when the error was brought to the attention of County Administration.

Overdue accounts are subject to a penalty of 1.5% per month on outstanding amounts. Accounts which are greater than 60 days overdue may have services disconnected. Accounts which are greater than 90 days overdue will have outstanding balances transferred to the tax roll.

4) Shut Off / Reconnection Fees

  • Shut off for non-payment of account - $100.00
  • Temporary disconnect requested by landowner or agent - $100.00
  • Disconnecting water service for abandonment - $100.00 plus labor and materials at cost.
  • Re -connection - $100.00

If service was shut off due to an overdue account, the reconnection fee and outstanding balances must be paid before service is restored. Reconnection will be completed during regular working hours and within 24 hours.)

5) Manual Meter Readings

  • If required to close the account, or verify consumption outside of standard meter reading schedule). $100.00

6) Meter Testing Charge


If the meter is faulty — the fee will be refunded and the meter replaced.

7) Water Rates

Monthly equivalent — actual billing cycle may vary

Rural Water Distribution System (Low-Pressure Trickle System Per Unit)

  • Idle service fee (curb stop installed but not connected to system) - $22.56
  • Consumption fee (connected and drawing water from the system) - $27.25

Hamlet water systems

Residential base charge $ 29.65

  • Non-residential base charge — double the residential rate
  • Consumption charge — $1.97/cubic meter
  • Unmetered Residential Consumption charge $ 60.00
  • Unmetered non-residential services consumption charge — double the unmetered residential rate.

8) Sanitary Sewer Charge — ( monthly equivalent )

  • Residential Rates - $24.00
  • Non-Residential Rates - $24.00

9) Water Sales Stations

  • Same rate as charged by the City of Brooks Bulk Fill Station

10) Garbage Collection Curb Side Pick Up

  • Residential Service $ 12.10 per month
  • Commercial Industrial & Institutional $36.30 per month