Billing for County of Newell Water Project Services will take place annually. Bills will be mailed out on October 1st of the billing year for the period from January 1st to December 31st . Landowners will have 30 days to make payment on their accounts to avoid late payment penalties. If you connect to the system during that billing year, your bill will be pro-rated to reflect charges for only the time that you had been connected to the system. The fees associated with the rural water service can be found in the Schedule of Fees bylaw by clicking here. If there is a service installed at your property, but you have not hooked up to the curb stop, a monthly idle service fee will be applied to your account. These payments are required to be paid in the same manner as those landowners who are hooked up to the system.

At any time, a landowner can make a payment to their account by either attending the County office or making a payment online through your financial institution.  Details on making an online payment can be found here.