The County of Newell Water Project is an initiative to provide potable water service to all rural homes and businesses in the County of Newell.  Water will be supplied via a trickle type system at a rate of 300 gallons per day.  Landowners receiving water will be required to have a cistern or other storage tank system for the water to be delivered.  From there they will be required to re-pressurize it for use in their homes and businesses. 

Registration for the County of Newell Water Project began in the fall of 2011.  By the end of January 2012 over 50% of the residents and businesses in the County had registered.  At this time County Council took an enormous step in launching the program by reducing the landowner contribution to the project from $7,000 down to $1,000.  By April 30, 2012 over 90% of the residents and businesses were registered and it was abundantly clear that the project would move forward.  The order the project would proceed in was determined by the percentage of highest interest from the 10 electoral divisions.

It was determined that the project would be done over 4 years, with one contract taking place the first year, and then three contracts in each of the three following years.  The project has been estimated to cost $54 million, where $27 million has been secured through the provinces Municipal Sustainability Initiative.  The balance of the project will be funded from landowner contributions, debenture borrowing and general tax revenue.

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Exposing a gas line

Flushing Hydrant

Hot tapping the NRSC transmission main

Installation of a flushing hydrant

Installation of an isolation valve and flushing hydrant

Isolation valve and flushing hydrant being installed

Removing large rock to facilitate installation of pipe

Typical service installed

150 mm flush point

150 mm isolation valve being installed

Automatic air release valve

Broken plow shank from ripping through hard ground

CNWP line heading in different directions

Directional drilling a pipeline crossing