The County of Newell is a high energy, busy place to live and work. There are many opportunities for you to find work in here in the Newell Region.  Start your search on  which includes a listing of local, provincial and federal agencies which can help you find employment and the support services you may need while seeking training or searching. 

Want to work for the County of Newell?
Individuals:  The County of Newell employs over 60 people on a permanent, seasonal and term basis. Check out our page on employment to see how to apply for current employment positions available and a summary of the advantages of working for the County of Newell.

Business contracts: If your business is interested in contracting with or submitting bids with the County of Newell, view the Purchasing Policy and Contractor’s Safety Program. Inquiries regarding individual requests for proposals or bid submissions should be directed as instructed on each individual bid.