2017 Dust Abatement Applications

The County of Newell is currently accepting applications for the 2017 Dust Abatement Program. The residential rate for this year is $2.30/meter (plus GST). If you would like to have calcium applied to your road, please fill out the attached application and mail it into the County office with full payment. Closing date for applications will be on April 28th, 2017 at 4:30pm. Any requests received after this date will be charged the full rate of $4.60/meter (plus GST). 

Residential Application

Dust Abatement Information

The product that the County presently uses is calcium chloride, a product that is readily available and quite economical to use. The County will continue to use calcium and will investigate and evaluate alternative products. Key items of consideration are cost of application and longevity of applied product. The County treats approximately 180 km of road each year and the process is subject to weather.

The County’s dust abatement program is covered by two policies, Residential Dust Abatement Policy and Non-residential Dust Abatement Policy. Copies of these policies are available on County’s web site or the County of Newell Office. The residential policy enables ratepayers to apply for Dust Abatement at a subsidised cost (please refer to the schedule of fees bylaw for more information) There are five standard lengths available 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 meters and this is done to streamline the application process and field application. 

The Non-residential Dust Abatement Policy covers Dust Abatement products that the County and/or industry covers at full cost of Dust Abatement application. Categories include;

  • County Aggregate Haul Routes - along this route, the County applies Dust Abatement product for a distance of 100 meters in front of residences, free of charge.
  • Intersection Treatments - where gravel surfaced and paved roads intersect, the department applies a Dust Abatement product at these locations to reduce wash board and dust generated by traffic. A 50 meter application of Dust Abatement product shall be applied to all gravel aprons leading to Provincial and County paved surfaces.
  • Additional Locations  - locations are identified by Operations and Council where application is of overall benefit to the community, reducing road maintenance with above average traffic volumes. Industry may also request for dust abatement on roads to control dust created by their activities.

Stakes will be placed marking the area for Dust Abatement product application, as submitted on your application, up to one (1) week prior to work commencement using GPS systems. If you notice an error please contact Municipal Services at 403-794-2311, so that the staked area can be verified to the original application and corrected where necessary.  We ask that the public also contact us if they notice stakes have been removed or damaged so that we can attend to the issue. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When does the dust abatement program start?

A. The target start date is the middle of June annually; however weather plays a major role in application of calcium. The County will run with two (2) crews so that application can be completed in a shorter time frame.

Q. What happens if it rains?

A. Rain will delay the application process; based on accumulation received and the roads drying, application may resume. Freshly applied calcium will be monitored. Rain on recent applications will delay the “set up” and the surface may become slippery, rutted and rough.

Q. What happens if my calcium becomes rough?

A. If the calcium becomes rough, please contact the County office and staff will do their best to resolve the situation, timely.

Q. Why is the grader operator grading my calcium?

A. If calcium surface becomes rough and road hazards are present to motorists, the County will grade it. The County’s practice will be waiting for a rain event or to use a water truck to reactivate the calcium, then blade it smooth. This will typically put it back to the original state as to when it was first applied. Please refer to the disclosure notice on the application form or refer to our Dust Abatement Policies (links below).

Q. Why does it take so long from the purchasing calcium to the actual application?

A. The County has found more success when waiting for the rain season to be done, prior to application. The County also needs grader operators to prepare the road surfaces, the soft spots to firm up, and the Administration to process the applications.

Q. Why do the rates increase?

A. The rates are set as per the County of Newell Schedule of Fees Bylaw (link below) which is approved by County Council, and price increase is primarily due to product cost increase, labour cost increase, and other factors such as fuel cost.

Residential Dust Abatement (Calcium) Program 

Annually the County offers this program, on a cost shared basis, to control dust generated on rural gravel roadways at residential locations. This program is completed with County forces including two (2) graders, two (2) water trucks, and necessary equipment to pack the finished surface, including staff and one contract truck and operator to spread the calcium.

Dust Abatement Residential Policy

Schedule of Fees Bylaw 

Non-Residential Dust Abatement (Calcium) Program

Annually the County offers this program, on a full cost basis, to control dust generated on rural gravel roadways where non-residential road users are the primary in dust generation. This program is in effect where the County does not cost share. This program is completed with same forces of labour and equipment as the Residential Dust Abatement (Calcium) Program described above.

Dust Abatement Non-Residential Policy

Schedule of Fees Bylaw