Shelterbelt Tree Program Changes

Due to the closure of the Indian Head shelterbelt center, shelterbelt trees are no longer available for free to farmers. However, the Agricultural Services Department will help ratepayers plan, organize, order and plant shelterbelts. This program will work in cooperation with the Eastern Irrigation District’s Partners in Habitat Development Program (PHD). Both programs will receive the above services free of charge from Agricultural Services Staff. Only trees that ordered through the Shelterbelt program via the nursery chosen by Agriculture Services and PHD are included in this program. No other trees will be planted, ordered or supplied by the Agriculture Services Department. Only applicants that are planting a shelterbelt that fits within the PHD Program guidelines or used to limit soil erosion, and protect livestock will be eligible to receive help planting. Applications will be screened to determine if mulch will be supplied free of charge, applications must meet the PHD program requirements for mulch. Community projects will be evaluated and approved on a case by case basis by the Director of Agricultural Services. The Agricultural Service Board arranges for the transportation of the trees from the nursery. Personnel is provided for unloading and sorting of the trees. Ratepayers will be responsible for the cost of the tree seedlings and shipping.

 Shelterbelt Policy