The Alberta Environmental Farm Plan (AEFP) Company is a non-profit company that helps farmers and ranchers complete a workbook that identifies environmental opportunities and challenges on their land. An environmental farm plan (EFP) is a  voluntary, self-assessment checklist that farmers and ranchers can use to evaluate the environmental health of their properties. The completed workbook serves as a tool to help producers prioritize areas of concern on their operation and create a practical, workable action plan to help manage their operations. As well, a completed EFP is a prerequisite for many government funding programs such as Growing Forward which help producers receive funding for projects such as offsite watering systems for cattle, double walled fuel tanks, portable shelters for cattle and much more.

The process to complete the Environmental Farm Plan is quite simple, and the entire workbook can now be approved by the County of Newell Agricultural Services Board. The workbook is available in hardcopy format or online. Completing a workbook requires about 4-5 hours of “in class” time at the County of Newell plus a few additional hours of “homework.” Once completed, it must be submitted to the County for approval. When approved by the County, the farm will be issued a letter of completion and registered with the Government of Alberta. The workbook can be completed at any time. To arrange an appointment to complete the workbook, please contact Holly White at 403.794-2337 or by email at