Purchasing acreage for the first time can often be overwhelming, especially if it is one’s first experience living in a rural setting. There are many new challenges to deal with that one may not have encountered living within an urban setting such as: obtaining fresh, safe drinking water; maintaining a septic system and dealing with waste disposal among many other things. The Alberta Stewardship Network has created a guide for acreage owners in order to help them learn how to best manage their property in a sustainable manner. The guide is set out as a workbook that allows a landowner to develop and implement stewardship practices that conserve and protect the valuable natural assets, such as air, land, water, wildlife, associated with their properties.

The guide is designed to be user friendly and action oriented. It is broken down into 20 different modules, each module deals with a separate issue and important relevant background information on that issue such as related legislation and imperative background information. Each module also contains easy to use worksheets to help acreage owners set goals and evaluate how they manage their property.

The Green Acreages Guide:

  • Increases acreage owners’ knowledge of appropriate land and natural resource management practices.
  • Supports acreage owners in completing a resource inventory and planning exercise, and develop short and long term stewardship goals for their property.
  • Helps acreage owners identify strategies to best manage the natural assets on their land.
  • Assists acreage owners to gain an awareness and understanding of relevant bylaws and regulations.
  • Provides acreage owners with additional stewardship resources and contact information

To view a sample of what you will find in the Guide, please visit the Green Acreages Guide program page.

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