Employment Opportunities

The County of Newell employs a variety of skilled employees ranging from equipment operators to administrative staff and professionals.  

General resumes can be emailed to hr@newellmail.ca or faxed to 877-208-4022, mailed or dropped off personally at the County office.

General resumes are kept on file for one (1) year for all positions.

Job Title
Date Posted
Closing Date

Salary/Wage Administration

The County of Newell has permanent, seasonal and term employees. Employees are paid by direct deposit on a bi-weekly basis.

Permanent employees are paid a salary or an hourly wage. Salary employees are placed on a six-step grid according to their skills, knowledge, and education. Salaries are adjusted annually based on the council approved Cost of Living Allowance.

Hourly permanent employees have a four-step wage grid which is adjusted periodically based on the council agreed Cost of Living Allowance.

The grids are designed to allow a fully-trained employee with above-average performance to obtain the last grid step by year five.

The County of Newell periodically conducts a salary review to compare our salaries to other municipalities and adjusts salaries accordingly.


Where overtime is applicable, it's calculated as set out in the Employment Standards Regulations for Alberta.

Annual Vacation

All full-time permanent employees receive annual vacation with pay, based on the following schedule:

< 1 year
up to 1 week
1 year
2 weeks
2 years
3 weeks
6 years
4 weeks
14 years
5 weeks
20 years
6 weeks
All seasonal part-time and temporary employees are provided with vacation pay in addition to their regular wage each pay period, based on the following schedule:

< 1 year
1 year
6 years
14 years
19 years


The premiums for the following benefits are currently paid 100% by the County:
  • Basic Group Life (2 times annual salary)
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (2 times annual salary)
  • Health Care Spending Account ($1,000 per year)
  • Dental (100% Basic Coverage; 50% Major Restorative)
  • Extended Health Care (100% Reimbursement)
The premiums for the following benefits are currently paid 100% by the employee:
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability

Health & Wellness

In the interest of employee productivity, healthy living and reducing employee sick leave an allowance of up to $100.00 per year is available to be used towards participation in an approved health and wellness program such as, but not limited to, curling, skating, hockey, golf, health clubs, dance, and swimming.