Events Planning Checklist

So you are planning an event in the County of Newell and you want to make sure you got it right. Well we want to ensure you have the tools to make your event successful! The following information can assist you to ensure you have the correct permits, knowledge of bylaws, parking and transportation needs and the logistics to help you master your event.

Please note that this information refers to events within the municipal boundaries of the County of Newell. If holding an event within the City of Brooks, Town of Bassano, Villages of Duchess or Rosemary or Provincial Parks please contact that respective agency for further information.

The following information is not all inclusive and it is up to the event holders to ensure they follow all applicable laws and regulations.

You may be required by the Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis Commission (AGLC) to obtain a Liquor License for your event.  Click the link below or contact the AGLC for further regulations concerning the serving and sales of Alcohol at your event.

Certain Bylaws may have an effect on your event and as such it would be advisable for you to refer to these bylaws to ensure you are following the regulations: 

Bylaw 1934-18 Traffic

Bylaw 1976-20 Noise Standard

Depending on the type and location of your event, it might be advisable to ensure that the local Emergency Services Departments are aware of what you are planning to ensure safety for all. If your event is off of the beaten track perhaps provide a map and directions for Emergency Services so you can be found if and when need arises.

There may also be Federal and Provincial Laws that need to be adhered to.

The members of the Emergency Services Departments may be able to provide you with some safety tips.

Washrooms or Porta Potties – Under the Public Health Act and the Alberta Building Code there are requirements for sufficient numbers of toilets. The number of Toilets is dependent on the numbers of persons expected at the event (e.g. 200 persons – 4 male and 8 female water closets). Do not forget sufficient numbers of hand washing stations.

Tents – The Alberta Fire Code and Alberta Building Code regulates Tents. Tents need to be fire rated and may require the same safety features (exits and travel paths to exits, emergency lighting, exit lights and occupancy loads) as other structures. Contact your local Fire Department and County of Newell Planning & Development Department for more details.

Waste Collection & Recycling – Provide for sufficient collection points. This will assist in clean up later on.

Clean Up – Removal of all debris and waste cleanup is your responsibility. The location needs to be brought back to its sparkling appeal.

Will there be any outdoor fires? If so you may require a Fire Permit. Fire Permits are obtained for free by contacting your local Fire Department or the County of Newell at 403-362-3266.

Fireworks are regulated by the Alberta Fire Code. This includes both Low Hazard (Family / Consumer class) and High Hazard (Display class) fireworks.

Planning on serving or selling food at the event? Consider talking to Alberta Health Services Environmental Public Health to obtain the requirements for safe food handling at your event.

Consult your local Insurance Provider to see what type of Insurance may be required prior to and during the event.

Consider that you will need landowner permission to hold an event on property not owned by you.

Contact County of Newell Planning & Development Department [403-362-3266] to ensure your event does not require a Development Permit.

Talk to the neighboring landowner well in advance to avoid any conflicts during the event.

Plan for sufficient parking for all who may attend. Remember hot exhaust and tall grass or mud and non-off road vehicles are not a good mix.

What about pedestrian access to ensure their safety? Highways and pedestrians can be disastrous. 

Did you consider Handicap access?

Public Roads and Highways – Just because you are holding an event does not give permission to close off or restrict traffic use on the County Roads and Provincial Highways. Consult County of Newell Bylaw 1934-18 Traffic Bylaw and call the County at 403-362-3266 and ask for the Community Peace Officers to obtain more information on County Road Use.  Click here to download an Application Form for a Special Events Permit for Use of County Roads

Consult Alberta Transportation

Or Volker Stevin Highways Ltd. (1-888-877-6237).

Private Roads – Obtain permission to use the road

Some events will require security by law (liquor events) and some will require security for general public safety (e.g. sporting events or large crowds). Security personnel need to communicate with other personnel (e.g. need for two way radios, emergency sound warning devices).

Temporary fencing should be considered depending on the type of event (e.g. beer gardens) to keep the event restricted to those who are to be there.

Signs may also be required for directions and locations of the event itself or specific aspects of the event.

Please plan a safe and enjoyable event for all and remember that "Safety is an Attitude"