Land Use Bylaw Review

Project Background

The County of Newell has engaged ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd. to undertake a comprehensive review and update of Land Use Bylaw (LUB). The LUB regulates land use and development – organizing a municipality into Land Use Districts and outlining the permitted and discretionary uses within each District.

This comprehensive review and update will ensure the LUB addresses emerging trends in the County, reflects the changing needs of residents and results in a more-user friendly document.

Where Are We Now?

The LUB has been revised based on input received during the virtual open house and online survey earlier this summer. It has been circulated to appropriate agencies for comment and a legal review is currently being completed. 

Following the review period, the LUB will be finalized and presented to Council. Residents and stakeholders will have a final opportunity to share their feedback through a Public Hearing on Thursday, September 9th @ 11:30 am.

Contact information

For any questions, comments, or additional information about this project, please contact:

Geoff Tiffin
Manager of Planning, Development and Engineering
County of Newell
(T) 403-362-3266