Newell Notify



What is Newell Notify? 
Newell Notify is a notification system managed by the County of Newell which is available to the ratepayers of the County of Newell. Ratepayers of the County of Newell can signup for the service and select what type of notifications they would like to receive. These notifications are sent by SMS (text), Voice, and Email.
What type of notifications will Newell Notify send me?
There are two types of notifications that Newell Notify will send out (Emergency and Non-Emergency).
Emergency Notifications - These are mandatory emergency notifications. When you register, you will be automatically signed up to receive these mandatory alerts. In a crisis, we’ll use your contact information to reach you with important information about what’s happening and any steps you need to take to protect yourself or your family. For example, we might warn you of a wild fire in your area, give you details on evacuation, and let you know when it’s safe to return home. We’ll use all your phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or text message numbers one-by-one until we reach you.

Non-Emergency Notifications - These are informative non-emergency notifications  that you can choose to subscribe to. These can be items such as Road Closures, Community and Cultural Events, and Fire Bans.

Keep Your Details Up-to-Date 

Once you have registered with Newell Notify you can update your contact details at any time to ensure your notifications get to you. Click here to update your information.


Personal information that you provide to the County of Newell through the Everbridge Mass Notification Service will be used to notify you about emergency or serious incidents as well as informational notifications for non urgent matters. The County will not disclose your personal information to third parties without written consent, unless disclosure is required pursuant to a warrant for the purposes of criminal investigation. All information is hosted on servers in Canada. If you have any questions about the collection or use of your personal information, please contact the County of Newell at 403-362-3266.