Register/Cancel a Rural Water Unit

Registering for a Rural Water Unit

County Council made a motion at the January 20, 2022 Council Meeting to proceed with registration for CNWP Phase 2 starting on Monday, February 14, 2022. Cost to register will be $3,000 per service. Please check back for more updates and eligibility requirements as they become available.

Cancelling a Rural Water Unit

The process for cancelling a water unit involves the County soliciting a quote from a reputable contractor to dig up the service line and cap it off.  All of these costs would be covered by the landowner who is cancelling the unit.  Once a water unit has been cancelled, should the property ever wish to hook up in the future, current County policies for new hookups would apply.  The cancellation of a water unit would alleviate the landowner from paying the monthly idle service fee outlined in the Schedule of Fees Bylaw.

To register or cancel a water unit, contact the Municipal Services Department at 403-794-2311.