Starting a Business

The County of Newell does not require or issue business licenses in the same way that urban municipalities do, such as the City of Brooks. 

If you live in the County and wish to operate a business from your residence on your property, you will need to obtain a home occupation development permit.

If you will be operating a business from a non-residential (commercial or industrial) parcel in the County, you will need a development permit and possibly a building permit.

Because of the variability of businesses in the County, it would be best if you contacted the County Planning and Development Department for further information and to go over the requirements for your business. 

If you live in a municipality other than the County of Newell (i.e. Brooks, Bassano, Duchess, Rosemary, Tilley) and wish to conduct business in the County, you don't need a business license from the County, but you may need a business license wherever your business is based. Contact the relevant municipality for further information.