The County of Newell continues to grow steadily along with the Alberta economy. As long as Alberta energy remains the key components of the County of Newell economy, local businesses will benefit from larger investments and northern investment opportunities.  The llabour supply in trade industries continues to be tight despite the provincial slowdown in the oil sector.  Though low oil and gas prices have tempered activity in the region, opportunities for investment can still be found while other industries, such as agriculture and tourism continue to be strong. 

In 2015, cattle producers can continue to expect higher than average prices as cattle inventory numbers remain tight.  Farm land prices will continue to rise at a steady pace as demand remains tight for farm property in the region.  New ownership and management at Lakeside Packers, which employs nearly 20% of the local workforce, continues to work towards establishing full operations by filling vacant and new positions.

The increase in population of the past two years has waned slightly, but those past demands
have resulted in new school construction for both school divisions. As well, a change in the presidency at Medicine Hat College has breathed new life into the potential for further post-
secondary opportunities at the local Brooks Campus.

With the continued steady growth in the oil sands industry and the demand for labour still strong in Saskatchewan, the County of Newell, like the province, will continue to experience labour shortages in trade industries throughout 2015.