Report a Water or Sewer Issue

Are you having issues with the County water or sewer systems? The table below will help identify who to call in different situations. The County office is open Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm. Newell Regional Services Corporation (NRSC) office is open from Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm. Should you experience issues outside of these business hours, you should call the Newell Regional Services Corporation (NRSC) EMERGENCY NUMBER at 403-633-0706.
Problem County
You need your water service turned on or off  X    
Cloudy or brown (turbid) water from your taps that doesn't clear up, even after running cold water for 15 minutes (Hamlet)    X  
Discoloured water, has a poor taste and/or smell    X  
Sudden drop in water pressure in your entire home and neighbours are also affected (Hamlet)    X  
Low Water Pressure or no water flowing from any taps in your home and none of your neighbours are affected (Hamlet)    X  
Your cistern is empty and no water is trickling into it (Rural)    X  
You don't think your meter is operating correctly (Hamlet) / You don't think your flow emitter is operating correctly (Rural) **please note the associated charges in the County of Newell Schedule of Fees Bylaw  X    
Report a water main break    
Questions about your Utility Bill  X    
Sudden high water pressure     X
Excessively hot water or no hot water at all     X
Low water pressure in only one faucet, tap or fixture     X
Your sewer is backing up into your house     X
Water doesn't work in one area of your home, or water pipes may be frozen     X

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