Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a technology capable of capturing, analyzing, understanding trends and representing geographically referenced information. GIS can be used as a tool within almost every industry; Government, Education, Planning, Engineering, Health, Natural resources, Environment etc.

The County of Newell GIS department uses a variety of proprietary GIS software to develop geographic resources (rural addressing, land use planning data, mapping applications, map products, and invasive plant data) for the County staff and general public. 

County GIS responsibilities include:

  1. Maintain data in compliance with standards compatible to other GIS in the region
  2. Enable collection, sharing and communication of information via multi-user Enterprise Database Management System (DBMS)
  3. Improve efficiency by integrating common spatial elements linking the business processes of departments
  4. Provide user-friendly applications for various departments within the county
  5. Provide public access to Geographic information by means of maps, data and web mapping applications
  6. Provide technical help, training and documentation for GIS processes and workflows

The County of Newell GIS department offers a number of map products for the general public. These products are updated annually or bi-annually depending on the availability of geographic information.

If you have additional questions for GIS, please call 403-362-3266 or email us at