The County of Newell Municipal Services Department operates tracked excavator(s), 3 loader(s), 1 skid steer(s), 1 packer(s), 11 grader(s), and 1 dozer. Also, there are numerous attachments for these equipment that require regular servicing. In addition, the Agricultural Services Department operates 3 agricultural tractors. The Shop Foreman and Heavy Duty Mechanic service these equipment and attachments to keep equipment operational. The primary purpose of equipment is to address road side drainage issues including culvert replacement and installations, repair frost boils on road surfaces, and maintain road surfaces for motorists. Additionally, equipment is used in the dust abatement program placing calcium, which is offered to residents annually.

The Agricultural Services Department has numerous rental equipment, drills and seeders, including tractors that require the attention of servicemen throughout the year. Please click here to be re-directed to their rental equipment page.