Sheep Modeling a Livestock Protection CollarThe County of Newell assists residents with predator concerns. The Director of Agricultural Services or A.S.B. staff will investigate all incidents of predator kill or harassment and implement control as necessary. A $20.00 fee is required if control devices are issued.

It is virtually impossible to eliminate all predators and the damage they cause to livestock, but good management can reduce this damage and still be consistent with sustainable or organic livestock production. Since every farm is different, there is no single practice or combination of practices that will be right for every situation. Therefore, when predators strike, it is important to be aware of all options available for their control and to act at once.

It is under the Agricultural Pests Act that the County operates the Coyote Control Incentive Program (CCIP). Our CCIP has been in place since the early 2000 and was established to help reduce the impact of coyote predation during peak predation periods. The program runs from December 1 to March 31 every year. For a full description of the program, please refer to Policy 2015-PAG-024 in the County of Newell Policy Handbook.