Liquid Strychnine
In response to a noted increase in the populations of Richardson’s Ground Squirrels the County of Newell now handles the sale of 2% liquid strychnine to eligible farmers in accordance with Sale of Strychnine Policy.

Purchase Procedures:

  1. All sales must be handled through the County of Newell Agricultural Services shop by trained ASB staff. As per Sale of Strychnine Policy , there will be a maximum of 2 cases sold at any one time to any individual. Prices are as follows:
  2. Producers must review the training process with trained ASB staff as per Sale of Strychnine Policy
  3. Information required upon purchase:
    • Name
    • Phone number
    • Land description of where product will be applied
    • Purchaser must agree to  complete an evaluation form evaluating the effectiveness of the product

Additional Information: