The County of Newell is committed to ensure that Alberta maintains its rat free status. Norway rats are designated as a pest under the Agricultural Pest Act.

In order to keep our County rat free, it is important that we all work together to ensure our County is not a welcoming place for Norway rats. We can help keep the County of Newell rat free by reporting possible rat sightings to the County of Newell Ag Service Board and by making sure our properties are not welcoming places for rats.

Some steps property owners may take to keep their premises rat free include:

  • Ensure all garbage is placed in a metal bin with a tight lid
  • Keep pet food indoors as it is very appealing to rats
  • Seal off any ½ inch or larger holes in your house by covering the hole with steel wool held in place by a 2x4
  • Keep grass around buildings and structures cut short – long grass helps rats hide until they find a good habitat
  • Remove any wood or garbage piles along buildings
  • Remove any old vehicles or equipment from the yard
  • Be especially vigilant when purchasing bales or green feed from out of province, thoroughly inspect bales when they arrive and set up bait stations immediately upon arrival

It is important that property owners routinely inspect their properties for potential signs of rats. Look for two inch holes in bales or under structures. These holes often have flattened grass runways around and between them. Look for chew marks through wood, wire or cinder block concrete. Also look for rat droppings which are capsular shaped about ¾ of an inch long and dark brown or black.

For more information and detailed Norway rat identification photos please refer to Agdex 682-2, Rat Control in Alberta. If you spot a rat or suspect you have a rat on your premises, please contact the County of Newell Ag Service Board as soon as possible.

Additional information on rats:

norway-rat norway-rat2 norway-rat3 rat-bait roxy-the-rat-killer

Norway Rat. Photo courtesy of Cypress County.

Norway Rat. Photo courtesy of Cypress County.

Norway Rat. Photo courtesy of Cypress County.

Baiting a rat bait station

Roxy the Rat Killer and Todd Green, AG Fielman