In the rural areas of the County of Newell a business license is not required in order to conduct business activity in the County. All new construction requires building and development permits

For development permit application fees for Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas, and Private Sewage Disposal Systems please refer to the current Schedule of Fees Bylaw (located on our Bylaws page)

Depending on the location and scale of the development, it might require statutory planning amendments. A move into an existing building may require a development permit.

For all other permit costs including compliance certificates, zoning confirmations and subdivision appeals, please refer to the current Schedule of Fees Bylaw (located on our Bylaws page).

Most developments within the County of Newell require a development permit.  If you are not familiar with the permits necessary for your development, check with BizPal, which will inform you of the permits required.  Packages containing the initial permit forms are available at the County of Newell Office.

Residential Development

Residential development permits vary with the size of construction, but generally vary from about $100 to $250.  For details on specific residential development permits, please see the current Schedule of Fees Bylaw (located on our Bylaws page).

Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Development Permits

Like residential permits, commercial, industrial and institutional development permits also vary from $250 to $1000 depending on the size of construction.  Permits are also required for change in uses, additions, special events and temporary uses.  For the permit cost based on size, please review to the COunty of Newell Bylaw 1764-13.

If you are developing a subdivision, the development process becomes more intensive.  This information is available through the Planning and Development Department


Other municipalities within the boundaries of the County of Newell have their own municipal processes.  If you are building within one of the following communities (City of Brooks, Town of Bassano, Village of Rosemary, Duchess, or Tilley) you should contact their offices.

Please contact the County of Newell economic development team to answer additional questions.  We are happy to assist you with the processing of any applicable development process.