Gophers & Strychnine

Richardson Ground Squirrels (gophers) pose a significant threat to the landscape. Be it damages to crops or creating hazardous conditions for livestock and equipment. 

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has cancelled the registration for 2% liquid strychnine for use on Richardson ground squirrels as of March 4, 2020. 

  1. This means that the manufacturer can sell product up to one year after the cancellation (March 4, 2021) 
  2. The retailer (County of Newell and other ASB’s) can sell the product up to one year after that (March 4, 2022) 
  3. Purchasers can use the product up to one year after that (March 4, 2023)

After March 4, 2023 owning and using strychnine will become illegal and owners/users could face fines. 

As such the County of Newell Agricultural Services department has and will be selling 2% LSC to qualifying landowners in some capacity until March 4, 2022. Purchasing Procedure: 

  1. 2% LSC will be sold on a cost recovery basis. The price may fluctuate. 
  2. As per our policy (2016-PAG-032), there will be a maximum of 2 cases sold at any one time to any individual. 
  3. All sales must be handled through the County of Newell Agricultural Services shop by trained Agricultural Services staff. 
  4. Purchasers must receive training from Agricultural Services staff. 
  5. Landowners must be bonafide farmers; meaning they own at least 80 acres of land zoned for agricultural use. 
  6. Information required upon purchase: 
    • Name
    • Phone number 
    • Land description of where product will be applied 

The ASB reserves the right to refuse this service to any landowner they feel will abuse the program or use the product outside of the label recommendations. Any landowner discovered using the product against label recommendations will forfeit their right to purchase the product.

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