Municipal Addressing

Municipal addressing is a standardized system of identifying and locating rural properties whether residential, commercial or industrial. Addresses are based on the location of the primary access along a road allowance. Each mile of road is divided into intervals of 40 meters, with numbers increasing from South to North and East to West. Even numbers are along the North and West sides of a road allowance, and odd numbers are along the South and East.
Municipal Addressing information is assigned and maintained by the County's Taxation & Assessment Department. When an owner or developer requires a Municipal Address for a new development, an address will be assigned by the County as a standard step in the development process.
The methods used in addressing are modeled after documentation published by Alberta Municipal Affairs and are widely used by rural municipalities throughout Alberta.
Standards for signs and the placements of signs have been established in County of Newell Bylaw 1922-18.
For more detail on understanding the determination of rural addresses please read Understanding Municipal Addressing.

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