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Landowner Responsibilities

As part of the County of Newell Water Project line installation, curb stops are installed at a pre-determined location at the yard site of all registered landowners. From this location, a portion of the pipe will be buried at a depth of 2.1 metres and then brought to the surface. From there it is the landowner’s responsibility to:
  • dig up this pipe without disturbing the curb stop
  • connect to it utilizing compression fittings, and
  • run a line to your cistern or storage tank location.
Because the system is operating between 60 and 160 PSI, it is recommended the pipe used is rated for 200 PSI. The County of Newell recommends that landowners use ¾” Municipex 200 pipe for this portion of work. 
Please wait to receive a letter from the County instructing you to begin your tie in. Once the pipe is installed to the cistern or storage tank, please visit the County of Newell Office to receive your flow emitter assembly. After assembly, and water service is ready to be turned on at the curb stop, contact the County Office during regular business hours to set up activation with Newell Regional Services Corporation, who will flush your line and activate your service. 
For a list of contractors who can install the water service, click here Landowner's Package
It is always a good idea for landowners to check their cisterns periodically to ensure the system is operating correctly. The flow emitter assembly is equipped with a ball valve with a handle for you to shut your water supply off, if necessary.  For tips on caring for your flow emitter, click here.

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