Dust Abatement Program (Calcium)

2024 Dust Abatement applications are closed.

Program Information

Residences, Businesses, and Industries in the County of Newell can apply to have dust control on County maintained roads adjacent to their properties and treats approximately 120 km of County maintained gravel roads annually. The application typically starts in the middle of June (June 15th) and competed before Canada Day (July 1st) with consideration to weather, road conditions and material supply. The County's Dust Abatement application method typically provides dust control between annual applications. In consideration of weather conditions, traffic, and road structure, there shall be no warranty period with respect to the performance of the dust control. When deemed necessary, the County will repair unsafe road conditions and return the dust abatement area to a regular graveled surface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if it rains?

Why do the rates increase?

When does the Dust Abatement Program Start?

Why does it take so long from the purchasing dust abatement to the actual application?

What happens if my dust abatement product becomes rough?

Why is the operator grading my dust abatement?

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