Crossing your Land

Pipelines for the County of Newell Water Project are installed, for the most part, through private lands.  In an effort to keep costs to a minimum for the project landowners are asked to sign a blanket easement.  These easements encompass the entire parcel of land for which they have been signed for as opposed to having a legally surveyed boundary within the lands.  This allows for small adjustments in the field during installation while dealing with private utility crossings.  Once the lines have been installed, the easement subsides to an area with a 10 metre boundary around the actual pipeline alignment.  The County of Newell reserves the right to re-enter the lands for maintenance and repairs. 

After the construction phase, the County of Newell is no longer permitted to perform new installations and would have to re-engage the landowner to seek permission for new installations. Because the County of Newell Water Project is a community effort and would not be possible without the cooperation and patience of every individual involved the County of Newell required landowners that wish to receive water to sign easements and allow the pipeline to cross their land to service others.  No adjustments were made to the easement agreement to ensure consistency throughout the project.

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