In partnership with others, we provide and administer programs and services to the agricultural community that encourages sustainable farming practices within the County of Newell.


Working together we strive to guide viable growth and sustainability in the County of Newell by implementing programs in areas of weed, pest and soil control as well as programs focused on sound agronomics and environmental stewardship.

Our Responsibilities 

The Agricultural Service Board was established and guided by the Agricultural Service Board Act. The ASB is responsible for enforcing the Agricultural Service Board Act, the Weed Control Act, the Agricultural Pests Act, the Soil Conservation Act and help with the Animal Health Act as needed.


In 1952, the County of Newell started an Agricultural Service Board (ASB) and had been running Agricultural programming under the guidance of the Agricultural Service Board Act ever since.


The idea behind ASB’s is to provide local authority over the growing problems of weed and pest infestations as well as erosion of soil from water and the wind. ASB’s act as an advisory body to Council on matters relating to agriculture and an Agricultural Fieldman is hired to run the programming.

In the County of Newell the Agricultural Service Board is responsible for the following:
  • Enforcing the Agricultural Service Board Act
    • Employ an Agricultural Fieldman
    • Operating an efficient and effective ASB Committee
    • Implementing programs and policies that help Agriculture thrive within our boundaries
  • Enforcing the Weed Control Act
    • Hiring Weed Inspectors
    • Work with producers and industry to minimise the effects of prohibited noxious and noxious weeds
    • Implement effective vegetation control measures on publicly owned land
    • Annual Certification of Seed Cleaning Plants within our boundaries
  • Enforcing the Agricultural Pest Act
    • Conduct surveys to determine threat of regulated pests and nuisances
    • Implement programs to deal with regulated pests and nuisances
  • Enforcing the Soil Conservation Act
    • Implement programs to reduce the effects of soil erosion
    • Operate the shelterbelt program
  • Aiding with matters related to the Animal Health Act
  • Disseminating information from Alberta Agriculture to the local ag community through education and awareness campaigns
    • Aiding in grant applications
  • Operating Emerson Bridge Park Campground
  • Facility Maintenance
To deliver ASB related programming, the County of Newell has six (6) full-time positions and hires fifteen (15) seasonal employees. As most programs run from April to October, it was decided that seasonal employees are a valuable resource to the ASB. The workforce in ASB has grown over the years as more programs are required and as funding has become available. Currently the ASB employs an Director of Agricultural Services, a Manager of Agricultural Services, a Environmental Services Supervisor, Maintenance Supervisor - AS and Facilities, two (2) Agricultural Technicians, four (4) Seasonal Vegetation Management Technicians, four (4) Agricultural Equipment Operators, six (6) Seasonal Agricultural Labourers and employs one (1) Seasonal Emerson Bridge Park Supervisor.

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