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The County of Newell Municipal Services Department oversees all facets of infrastructure. This includes the construction of new, replacement or reconstruction of existing, continued maintenance and operations, and protection of infrastructures to meet, and where possible, exceed the expectations of our rate payers. The department includes a compliment of staff, trained and experienced in many fields.


The Director of Municipal Services is responsible for the effective and efficient operation of the Municipal Services Department.
The Manager of Operations is a supporting manager to the Director and is responsible for the effective and efficient delivery of services, as directed by the Director. It is the Manager of Operation's responsibility to monitor day-to-day field operations, direct staff, and manage projects.
The Manager of Planning, Development and Engineering, also a supporting manager to the Director, is responsible for approvals, inspections, and compliance with development control conditions and infrastructure protection, as well as ensuring safety on local jurisdiction roads through monitoring of commercial and passenger vehicles. This Manager is also directly responsible for collaboration of professional services related to projects under this positions responsibility.
The Municipal Services Administrative Assistant provides support to the Director of Municipal Services, the Manager of Operations and the Manager of Planning, Development and Engineering. This position is responsible for a variety of secretarial and administrative duties, including research assignments and formulating correspondence. This position is the front line of contact for the Municipal Services Department.
Supporting the Manager of Operations is the Operations Supervisor. This position is responsible for carrying out work as directed by the Manager and coordinating labour, materials, and equipment.
In addition to this, our full time field staff includes a compliment of seven (7) Grader Operators, primarily responsible for gravel road maintenance activities. This includes regular road grading to address washboard and potholes on road surfaces in summer as well as snow removal during the winter season. These members of staff also assist various other activities performed by operations as directed. Six (6) Truck Drivers are responsible for transport and placement of aggregates as planned. During the winter months, Truck Drivers are the first responders to snow events on paved roads in an effort to provide the safest possible driving surface. Three (3) Maintenance Operators are primarily responsible for summer and winter maintenance activities such as road sign maintenance, snow fence, and road surface cleaning.
In summer the Department hires additional staff. One (1) Seasonal Gravel Foreman that oversees the summer graveling program and managing the Truck Driver team. Four (4) Seasonal Labourers are added to the Maintenance team under the direction of the Operations Supervisor to assist with Summer Operations.

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