Subdivision Process

Step 1: Subdivision Proposal 

Review the Land Use Bylaw or make an appointment to discuss your plans with County Staff.

While County staff can assist your application and navigating the bylaws and regulations, they cannot predict whether your application will be approved or refused by the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC).

Step 2: Submit Your Application

Review the checklist and complete a subdivision application form. You will need to enlist the services of an Alberta Land Surveyor to assist with the subdivision sketch that will accompany your application. The subdivision application package is available here: Subdivision Application Form

Step 3: Circulation

The County will review your application and create a Notice of Application Package. The package is circulated to internal County departments and relevant government agencies. This may include school divisions, neighbouring municipalities, provincial government agencies, the Eastern Irrigation District, and adjacent landowners.

All comments received during this process will be presented  to MPC.

Step 4: County Evaluation

County Staff will review your application. Consideration is given to the following:

  • County Policies and Documents
  • Site Suitability
  • Impact on adjacent landowners and affected parties
  • Water and wastewater servicing
  • Legal and physical access

Staff will then create a report and make a recommendation to MPC. MPC will either approve or refuse the application.

Step 5: After the Decision is Made

A Notice of Decision will be mailed to you.

If MPC has approved the application with conditions, the applicant will be responsible for satisfying the conditions prior to the finalization of the subdivision. The removal of conditions is known as the endorsement process. 

If MPC does not approve the application, the file is closed. The applicant is able to appeal the decision (see below).

Step 6: Plan of Survey Needs to be Prepared

An Alberta Land Surveyor must prepare a formal plan of survey. This must match the tentative plan that was included in your application package that was presented to MPC. 

Step 7: Submit a Complete Package to the County

The applicant provides a complete package to the County which will include the Plan of Survey, the necessary consents and all of the materials needed to meet the conditions of approval for the subdivision.

Step 8: Endorsement

The County reviews the materials and, if all the conditions have been met, issues the final Subdivision Endorsement. 

Step 9: Registration at Land Titles

The Subdivision Approval Letter and supporting documentation is registered at Alberta Land Titles by the applicant or by the Alberta Land Surveyor on the applicant’s behalf. The applicant has one year from the date of approval to register with Alberta Land Titles. 

has one year to register with Alberta Land Titles. 

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