Wind Erosion

Wind Erosion

Erosion is a natural process that often is enhanced by farming activities that leave the soil surface bare and susceptible to the forces of wind. Erosion moves topsoil, reduces both the level of soil organic matter and available crop nutrients, and contributes to the breakdown of soil structure.

The risk of soil erosion by wind is extensive in Alberta where the climate is typically dry and large expanses of open field are unprotected. 

Factors and Farming Practices that tend to lead to wind erosion are: 

  • Sparse or absent vegetative cover 
  • Large fields 
  • Soil texture (sandy soils) 
  • High winds 

Control options for reducing wind erosion are: 

  • Maintain a vegetative cover
  • Reduce cultivated fallow
  • Reduce or eliminate tillage 
  • Shelterbelts (farmstead & field shelterbelts) 
  • Avoid overgrazing 

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