Province of Alberta


Provincial Legislation and Regulations guide local governance and development.

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) outlines the requirements for Statutory Plans and the Land Use Bylaw for every municipality in the province. Part 17 of the MGA acts as the over-arching framework for planning and development in the Province of Alberta.

There are some developments, such as Oil and Gas, Confined Feeding Operations and Renewable Energy that are governed by quasi-judicial regulators that grant approvals outside the scope of municipal responsibility. Section 619(1) of the MGA states that a licence, permit, approval or other authorization granted by the NRCB, ERCB, AER, AEUB or AUC prevails over any statutory plan, land use bylaw, subdivision and development appeal board, or the Land and Property Rights Tribunal or any other authorization under Part 17. 

The Alberta Land Stewardship Act establishes the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan, conceived to better manage the region’s land and natural resources for long-term economic, environmental and social betterment.  

Municipal Government Act (MGA)
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Alberta Land Stewardship Act

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