Coyote Incentive Program

Let's talk about coyotes. In the County of Newell, we respect and understand wildlife dynamics, and coyotes are a significant part of this ecosystem. Coyotes play a crucial role in our environment, but sometimes, the balance gets tipped. When the coyote population grows too large, it doesn't just affect other wildlife - our agricultural livestock and, even human safety can be impacted. 

We're taking action! The County is focused on protecting not just our livestock but also our precious wildlife and, in rare cases, human lives. Our approach is proactive and mindful of the delicate balance in nature. For every coyote managed under this program in 2024, there's an incentive of $20. This initiative runs from December 1 to March 31, and it's open to all County residents, urban residents within County boundaries, and those who own/manage land here. It's important to note that only coyotes within the County of Newell are eligible for this incentive.

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