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Bassano and Division 6’s Recreation Grant Fund opens on March 31 and closes on April 30 annually. This program is funded under a 50/50 cost share between the Town of Bassano and the County of Newell and is intended to help cover costs to operate facilities, improve/build on existing programs, or start up new projects/programs.

For more information, please contact Bassano’s Town Office at 403-641-3788 or email assistant@bassano.ca.

Grant guidelines and applications can be found at https://bassano.ca/recreation-funding-grant-2/


A public reserve trust account is established by municipalities in accordance with Division 8 & 9 of the Municipal Government Act (Sections 661- 672).  Funds placed in a public reserve trust account are generated through the subdivision process where developers are required to provide cash in lieu of land.  The funds thus generated must be used for: 

  1. a public park; 
  2. a public recreation area; 
  3. school board purposes;
  4. to separate areas of land that are used for different purposes. (MGA Section 671 (2) and Section 671(4). 

This pool of funds is dependent on the level of land development activity within the County.  Because the balance in that accounts builds slowly over many years, the amount that could be accessed for projects is limited.  While there is no matching contribution required from organizations who want to access these funds, Council may consider the level of funding contributed by the applicant during the review process.

The application form for this fund can be accessed through the following link:

Funding Application Form (General)

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