Facilities & Clean Up

Washrooms or Portable Toilets – Under the Public Health Act and the Alberta Building Code there are requirements for sufficient numbers of toilets. The number of toilets is dependent on the numbers of persons expected at the event (e.g. 200 persons – 4 male and 8 female water closets). There must be a sufficient number of hand washing stations.

Tents – The Alberta Fire Code and Alberta Building Code regulates tents. Tents need to be fire rated and may require the same safety features (exits and travel paths to exits, emergency lighting, exit lights and occupancy loads) as other structures. Contact your local Fire Department and County of Newell Planning & Development Department for more details.

Waste Collection & Recycling –  For easier cleanup after your event, please provide sufficient collection points. 

Clean Up – Remember to leave your event area the same, if not better, than you found it! It is your responsibility to remove all debris and waste. Our beautiful County is for everyone to share, please be considerate.

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