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Gravel Roads

In 2023 a gravel road study was commissioned which assessed 1,449 the kilometres of gravel road which are owned and maintained by the County.  County gravel roads are classified into 3 categories, Arterial, Collector, and Local Roads. 
  • Arterial Roads (296.2 km) are defined as the main thoroughfares outside of those of highways. Arterial roads have the highest traffic volumes on gravel surfaced roads and serve traffic traveling to and from Provincial and County paved highways, between communities, and are key in commodity transport to market.
  • Collectors Roads (283.7km) are defined as the names suggest. These roads collect traffic and funnel it to arterial roads.
  • Non-Key Local Roads (869.1 km) are all gravel roads not identified as Arterial or Collector.
The study will assist in the development of a long range improvement plan which takes into account current and future road use, current road state, and roadway importance.

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