Pay My Receivables Invoice

Paying your Receivables Invoice Through Your Financial Institution

  1. Look for us under the Bill Payment Section as "Newell, County of" or "Newell County".
  2. Select the Payee "Newell, County of - Receivables" or "Newell County - Receivables".
  3. Create the account using your Customer ID as your account number (see below):


Your Customer ID (account number) will be exactly 7 characters in length – alphanumeric or numeric (Numbered companies only) and the last 3 characters will be numbers.

Note - If you currently submit payments to the County of Newell for your receivables invoices and the account number you are using does not match the format indicated – you must create a new bill payment account. Failure to do so may result in your payment being incorrectly processed or rejected in the future.         

As financial institutions vary, please contact the County of Newell Finance Department (Phone: 403-794-2329 or finance@newellmail.ca) if you encounter difficulties setting up your account or if you have any other questions or concerns.

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