NEW! Online Fire Permit Request Form

Did you know? The County of Newell now has an online Fire Permit form – making it easier than ever to ensure safe and responsible burning! 

Fire Permits are FREE and MANDATORY for all burning activities. Don't let the flames catch you unprepared – get your permit online today! 

Simply submit a request, and your permit will be emailed to you within ONE business day. Quick, hassle-free, and promoting fire safety in our community!

Please remember to be a responsible burner, and avoid those hefty Provincial fines. Our Bylaws are in place for a reason – let's keep our community safe and sound.

Spread the word, share the news, and let's make fire safety a top priority! Together, we can prevent unnecessary accidents and those wildfires that love Alberta so much! Happy & Safe burning! 

Read more about the Fire Bylaw and submit an online fire permit request at County of Newell - Fire Permits

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