Funding - Recreation Facilities Improvement

There are two potential County funding sources which recreation/community organizations can access for improvements to recreation facilities. 

  1. Recreation Facility Improvement Funding Program.
  2. Public Reserve Trust funded projects.

There are significant differences between these two potential funding streams.   


Details on this funding program are outlined in the Recreation Facility Improvement Funding Policy. The program is funded by an annual allocation that is generated from the property tax base in the County.  The intent is to ensure funds are available to cover a significant portion of future facility upgrades or the future replacement of existing recreation facilities throughout the County.  Potential projects would need to fall into one of three categories outlined in the Policy.   

Category One – New Builds
This category applies to new facilities that have not previously existed, or will be a complete replacement of a facility that has reached the end of it’s economic life and the most viable alternative is demolition and replacement.

Category Two
Projects that will extend the life of an existing facility.

Category Three
Minor projects under $50,000 pursued in an effort to reduce the net operating cost of a facility.

The contribution from the County varies for each category. Potential applicants are encouraged to review the details of the policy and the application form before proceeding with any plans for proposed projects.

A copy of the application form and the policy can be accessed through the following links:

Recreation Facility Improvement Funding Policy

Funding Application Form (Recreation Facility Project)



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