Development Permit Process

The following outlines the general process for Development Permit applications. Scheduling a pre-application meeting with the County is strongly encouraged. The Development Permit Process document is also available to help identify the steps to follow.

  1. Download or Pickup Application: Applicants are encouraged to download or pick up a copy of the appropriate development permit application form and review it to ensure they understand all the information that will be required to submit an application.  
  2. Consult the Land Use Bylaw: Applicants must consult the County’s Land Use Bylaw prior to making a Development Permit Application. If the proposed use of the land aligns with its current designation and discretionary uses, an application may be submitted. 
  3. Changes to Existing Land Use: If the proposed use of the land does not conform to the current land use designation or regulations, an application for a Land Use Amendment must be submitted and approved prior to the Development Permit application being made.
  4. Fill Out application: Once you have reviewed the Land Use Bylaw and verified your use is allowed in the specific land use district, fill out the application package with as much information as possible.
  5. Pre-Application Consultation: We understand that some applicants may not be familiar with the process or terminology used in development and we are always available to assist in completing permit applications. If you require assistance, please book an appointment by contacting the Planning and Development Department.
  6. Application Submitted: The application is submitted with the necessary forms, fees, and supporting information which varies depending on the project. Once all required information has been received the application will be deemed complete. 
  7. Evaluation of Application: The County reviews the application for missing information, evaluates the impact on adjacent properties, considers comments made from circulation to other agencies, and assesses the project’s compliance with the Land Use Bylaw.  
  8. Decision: A decision is made either approving or refusing the application. The applicant will be mailed a Notice of Decision.
  9. Approval and Public Appeal Period: If a Development Permit is approved, it is advertised through the County’s Public Participation page for the 21-day period to allow for public appeals. The receipt of a public appeal would start an appeal process heard by the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB), or the Land and Property Rights Tribunal (LPRT).
  10. Permit Issuance: Provided that appeals (if any) are resolved, the approved Development Permit is released. If the development proposal entails erecting any building or structures, Construction Permits must be obtained prior to beginning construction.
  11. Completion: A Development Completion Inspection may be required to ensure all the requirements of the Development Permit have been met and the construction reflects the approved plans.

The application process takes approximately 5-9 weeks to process. It is advisable to plan accordingly and apply well in advance.

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