Electronic Speed Signs

The County of Newell has installed two (2) electronic radar signs in the Hamlet of Lake Newell Resort.  The signs are intended to be temporary in nature and relocatable throughout the County as deemed appropriate in effort to gain an understanding of motorist behavior in complaint driven areas. The signs will display motorist speeds as they approach, and are set with two (2) levels of warnings when vehicles are speeding.  When a vehicle is in excess of the posted speed limits the LED number display on the sign will begin to flash in an effort to warn motorists they are traveling too fast.  A secondary reminder, in the form of a flashing strobe light, will be activated once a vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit by 10 km/h.

The signs are intended to be used as a method of education and ensure safety for the motoring public as well as other road users (pedestrians and cyclists) in our communities.  While the signs will not issue tickets, they will be a valuable tool to collect traffic data from specific locations around County Hamlets in an effort to identify problem areas, as well as aid in enforcement patrol scheduling.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the electronic radar signs, or notice the signs are not in good working order please feel free to contact the County of Newell Municipal Services Department at 403-794-2311.

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