Contact Information

County of Newell: 403-362-3266


Roadata Services: 

Ginny Bodell Muni Liaison Roadata Services Ltd.

Permit Center:

Service Rigs: 1-888-830-7623                      

Heavy Haul/Provincial: 1-888-444-9288                      

Drilling Rig, Well Servicing, Outside Alberta: 1-888-730-3745                      

Fax: 1-403-341-7467 Administration:                      

Phone: 1-403-314-9500 www.roadata.com


Please note that our Haul Route Agreement is currently in development. Please call the office at 403-362-3266 if you need any information on these agreements.

In addition to the above permits and applications the County is also responsible for administering approvals for activities in Oil & Gas, Power, and Telecommunications systems. Applications can be submitted to the County Approvals Officer.

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